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RCI Regional Access to Finance Event | Podgorica, Montenegro | May 14, 201314/5/2013

RCI Regional Conference for Centers of Excellence, Innovation, Incubation and IT Entrepreneurs | Sofia, Bulgaria | April 22-2322/4/2013

Regional BASSCOM IT b2b Retreat | Pravets, Bulgaria | April 19-21, 201319/4/2013

Regional Access to Finance Forum | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | June 19, 201219/6/2012

Regional Trade Facilitation Meeting | Tbilisi, Georgia | June 13-1413/6/2012

Regional IT B2B meeting | Tirana, Albania | May 18, 201218/5/2012

Trade Fair Participation - IT Companies training with CBI | Tirana, Albania | May 16 & 17, 201216/5/2012

Regional Economic Growth Workshop for the E&E Region | Tirana, Albania | May 15 & 16, 201215/5/2012

‘Exporting into the EU’ - Joint AG Training by USAID and CBI | Tirana, Albania | May 14 & 15, 201214/5/2012

Greenhouse techniques and developments - Joint AG Training by USAID RCI and AAC projects, and CBI | DURRES, Albania | May 10 & 11, 201210/5/2012

First Regional Cooperation Conference for Sustainable Tourism Development20/9/2011

6th Annual Event on Competitiveness, Finance and Economic Growth17/5/2011

„Project Management - profession of the future8/10/2010

Europe & Eurasia Bureau - 5th Annual Regional Event - Competitiveness, Finance and Economic Growth18/5/2010

USAID E&E Bureau's Conference on Competitiveness16/6/2009

Regional Best Practices Workshop24/6/2008

RCI Annual Conference 200820/5/2008

Agribusiness Workshop10/4/2008

AGRA FAIR 200819/2/2008

Regional USAID AgribusinessProjects Coordination Workshop 25/1/2008

RCI Round Table: “Competitiveness– Past, Present, Future” 22/1/2008

Regional Best Practices Workshop13/11/2007

IT Community of Practice27/9/2007

Stability Pact eSEE Initiative Workshop on eGovernance27/9/2007

Expanding Regional ICT Competitiveness: Appropriate Assistance at Different Levels of the Pyramid16/5/2007

New Paths for Regional ICT Success16/5/2006

Grow Your Business – The Power of Knowledge and Networking20/9/2005

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RCI Round Table: “Competitiveness– Past, Present, Future”

      RCI Round Table: “Competitiveness– Past, Present, Future”

January 22, 2008


Happy New Year, we wish you a healthy and successful 2008!


  On behalf of the E&E Bureau and the Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI) Project, we would like to invite you to a Round Table discussion:  " Competitiveness - Past, Present, and Future." The halfday event will be held on January 22nd, 09:00 to 13:00, at the Hyatt,Belgrade, Serbia.

  As you know, the USAID Missions in the E&E Region have embraced "Competitiveness" as a means of achieving economic growth.  From 1998 to the present, more than fifteen projects in ten of the countries have supported or endorsed characteristics and attributes that are associated with"Competitiveness."  In two of the countries, a "second generation" of competitiveness projects were recently launched, and at least three other countries are likely to launch new competitiveness projects in the next one or two years. 

  The E&E Bureau is conducting an analysis of the competitiveness project experience to identify key learnings (best practices and lessons learned) from these projects and how this experience is being incorporated into new project designs.  While not intended to be either an evaluation or individual projects or a textbook on"Competitiveness", we believe this assessment can provide guidance to USAID missions and project implementers on design and implementation of competitiveness projects.

The analysis will consist of three parts:

 1) discussions with key individuals both from the implementing organizations and from field staff;

2) a review of relevant project documents such as scopes of work and annual reports;

3)selected interviews with businesses, government officials and local partners who worked with competitiveness projects in the region. 

    The findings will be compiled in a report that will be made available to USAID missions and projects in the region.



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