Past events

RCI Regional Access to Finance Event | Podgorica, Montenegro | May 14, 201314/5/2013

RCI Regional Conference for Centers of Excellence, Innovation, Incubation and IT Entrepreneurs | Sofia, Bulgaria | April 22-2322/4/2013

Regional BASSCOM IT b2b Retreat | Pravets, Bulgaria | April 19-21, 201319/4/2013

Regional Access to Finance Forum | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | June 19, 201219/6/2012

Regional Trade Facilitation Meeting | Tbilisi, Georgia | June 13-1413/6/2012

Regional IT B2B meeting | Tirana, Albania | May 18, 201218/5/2012

Trade Fair Participation - IT Companies training with CBI | Tirana, Albania | May 16 & 17, 201216/5/2012

Regional Economic Growth Workshop for the E&E Region | Tirana, Albania | May 15 & 16, 201215/5/2012

‘Exporting into the EU’ - Joint AG Training by USAID and CBI | Tirana, Albania | May 14 & 15, 201214/5/2012

Greenhouse techniques and developments - Joint AG Training by USAID RCI and AAC projects, and CBI | DURRES, Albania | May 10 & 11, 201210/5/2012

First Regional Cooperation Conference for Sustainable Tourism Development20/9/2011

6th Annual Event on Competitiveness, Finance and Economic Growth17/5/2011

„Project Management - profession of the future8/10/2010

Europe & Eurasia Bureau - 5th Annual Regional Event - Competitiveness, Finance and Economic Growth18/5/2010

USAID E&E Bureau's Conference on Competitiveness16/6/2009

Regional Best Practices Workshop24/6/2008

RCI Annual Conference 200820/5/2008

Agribusiness Workshop10/4/2008

AGRA FAIR 200819/2/2008

Regional USAID AgribusinessProjects Coordination Workshop 25/1/2008

RCI Round Table: “Competitiveness– Past, Present, Future” 22/1/2008

Regional Best Practices Workshop13/11/2007

IT Community of Practice27/9/2007

Stability Pact eSEE Initiative Workshop on eGovernance27/9/2007

Expanding Regional ICT Competitiveness: Appropriate Assistance at Different Levels of the Pyramid16/5/2007

New Paths for Regional ICT Success16/5/2006

Grow Your Business – The Power of Knowledge and Networking20/9/2005

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Regional BASSCOM IT b2b Retreat | Pravets, Bulgaria | April 19-21, 2013

This event is part of the RCI regional IT days organized in partnership with the ESI Center Eastern Europe and Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM) to be held in Bulgaria in the period April 19-25, 2013.

Last updated: 21 February

Regional BASSCOM IT b2b Retreat, Pravets, Bulgaria, April 19-21

This first event is planned as a regional B2B retreat hosted by BASSCOM in Pravets (40 km from Sofia).

Participants invited: Software and IT Companies, IT Business Associations, Centers of Excellence and Innovation, Incubators and Business/Entrepreneurship from the whole region.

Focus: Establishing business links and partnerships, B2B, importance of regional cooperation for future development and expansion on broader European markets. 

BASSCOM members are looking for reliable subcontractors/partners among the IT and software companies in the region, for potential business relations through outsourcing, on-site employee trainings, and exchange of ideas on joint efforts to enter together to new markets.

You can download the agenda from the menu on the left.

For any questions concerning accommodation, please, contact the RCI Team at, or BASSCOM, at


Do you need a visa to enter Bulgaria? >> EU citizens and holders of valid Schengen visas do not need a visa to enter Bulgaria. Some third countries nationals do need a visa (e.g. Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, and others). Please, check for yourself here:

What If you DO need a visa? >> Please consider the following details and timeframes:

An invitation-declaration is required as a supporting document upon applying for visa for a business visit and also upon entering Bulgaria. It must be drawn up on a sample form, signed and stamped by the person issuing the invitation, and legalized by a notary judge and by the authorities for administrative control of foreigners (Migration Directorate of the MoI).

Issuing and delivering the invitation-declaration to you (via DHL) might take up to 10 days after we receive the necessary information from you:

  • a photocopy of the pages of the foreign travel document with the personal information
  • company/organization information: name, address, and phone (in English)

Scheduling an interview and having your application considered and processed might take between 3 days and 3 weeks, depending on the diplomatic Mission.

For assistance on Visa issues and obtaining an invitation letter, please, contact Ms Violeta Kyurdyan of ESI CEE,


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